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Industry NPS Benchmarks

Industry NPS Benchmarks: Understanding the Markets in the UAE

Download your copy of Industry NPS Benchmarks Report to find out what factors have been driving 9 major industries in the UAE and who has scored the highest on our NPS scale.

Text analytics

Text Analytics- Extracting open-ended customer data

Text analytics is becoming more important in today’s world as more and more people are communicating via text messages. It has become a necessity for businesses to keep track of their customers’ needs and activities by collecting data from various sources such as social media, surveys, etc.

Download your copy of the eBook Text Analytics- Extracting Open-ended Customer Data understand the need for text analytics in customer experience. Fill the form and get your copy now.

Feedback Survey

The Ultimate Survey Guide: Creating The Perfect Feedback Survey

Feedback is the best way to know your customers’ needs and expectations with your brand. Not only does feedback gives you insights into customers’ expectations, but it also helps brands make better decisions to improve their brand. When it comes to feedback collection, there is no better way than surveys. However, creating a perfect survey is easier said than done but not anymore.

The need for Citizen Experience in modern governments

The Need For Citizen Experience In Modern Governments

Download your copy of the eBook The Need For Citizen Experience In Modern Governmentsand understand the need for CX in modern-day governments. Fill the form and get your copy now.

Mobile Survey Application

Why Your Business Needs An Offline Mobile Survey Application?

Offline survey applications can be a game-changer for your CX program. Without having to rely on an active internet connection to complete a survey, you can collect feedback anywhere and anytime you want.

Download your copy of the eBook: Why Your Business Needs an Offline Mobile Survey Application

Improving survey response with Whatsapp

Improving Survey Response with WhatsApp

Feedback Collection is as important as creating a relevant and interactive survey. Yet, while we focus extensively on creating a survey that elicits a response from our respondents, there is not much focus on the implementation of a more efficient collection tool that would ensure a high response rate.  

Improving The Quality Of Digital Survey Responses

Improving the Quality of Digital Survey Responses

Surveys are a goldmine ready to be mined but what if the gold you extract is not gold? Survey Response data is, today, used to make strategies, seek actionable insights and decide the future course of action.



Return on Investment is a determining factor when you plan to invest. While it is easy to calculate the ROI for a Facebook ad campaign, calculating the ROI for something as complex as Customer Experience can be quite tricky. 

trends in cx

12 Customer Experience Trends to Look out for in 2021

2020 was a year where businesses grappled with major disruption as the world was forced into isolation. The Covid-19 crisis took us by shock and five years plans became redundant in no time. It was an eye-opening year for each and everyone.