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NPS Benchmarking report

Industry NPS Benchmarks: Understanding The Markets In The UAE

Customer Experience has started to redefine business growth. With internet penetration reaching its peak and digital transformation taking center stage, customers’ needs have also evolved. Brands that understand their customers’ expectations are bound to lead the industry.

However, in order to do so, brands need to understand what’s driving their customers to them and how they can further enhance their customer journey for an impeccable and memorable experience.

Download your copy of Industry NPS Benchmarks: Understanding the Markets in the UAE to find out what has been driving 9 industries in the UAE and who has scored the highest on our NPS scale. Covering 9 major industries, this report will give a detailed picture of the market landscape in the UAE.

Feedback Survey

The Ultimate Survey Guide: Creating The Perfect Feedback Survey

Feedback is the best way to know your customers’ needs and expectations with your brand. Not only does feedback gives you insights into customers’ expectations, but it also helps brands make better decisions to improve their brand. When it comes to feedback collection, there is no better way than surveys. However, creating a perfect survey is easier said than done but not anymore.