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Capturing Hajj Pilgrim Experience with ADAA

Hajj is an important pilgrimage and to ensure that the experience pilgrims get is the best in the world, ADAA and Survey2Connect got together to collect feedback from pilgrims.

The robust feedback collection exercise produced a tremendous 25% response rate and insights that will transform the future of Hajj travel. Download the Case Study to learn how Survey2Connect helped ADAA conduct a feedback collection for all its pilgrims.

zakat tax and customs authority


The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) is a government agency in Saudi Arabia responsible for the assessment and collection of Zakat and taxes including VAT.

Dubai Asset Management

Dubai asset Management is the residential asset management company of Dubai holding.

Bupa Arabia

Bupa Arabia is the largest health insurance company in Saudi Arabia offering a wide range of Health Insurance products.