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What can you do with's (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Customer Experience Solution?

Transform customer interactions and optimize customer journey with our CX solution. 


Omnichannel Feedback Collection's (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Transformative Customer Experience Solutions

Drive-up your brand’s customer loyalty by identifying the gaps in your customer experience and creating timely solutions.

  • Reach your customers at all touchpoints across Omni Channels 
  • Capture their feedback and analyze on all parameters 
  • Get real-time insights for informed decision making

With’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Customer Experience suite, you can cultivate deeper and more rewarding relationships with your customers. Make them feel heard and create solutions that create a lasting impression.

Collect Feedback With's (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Branded Customizable Surveys

Create DIY surveys to reach your customers through diverse touchpoints and gain insightful feedback using analysis tools.

  • Select from our exhaustive 20+ question types 
  • Create Multilingual Survey to reach a global audience 
  • Apply 15+ complex logic to make surveys personalized and intuitive
Branded Customizable Surveys
Omnichannel Collection Suite

Reach Every Customer with
Omnichannel Collection Suite’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Omnichannel feedback collection solutions are designed to maximize your customer reach and connect with them through integrated digital and physical channels.

  • Trigger automated feedback collection across multiple touch points 
  • Collect feedback with email and SMS surveys, in-app APIs, website integration, WhatsApp, Social media, 2- way SMS, and more. 
  • Conduct interviews and collect feedback offline with the Field Force App for iOS and Android

Every Insight in One Place

Create dynamic dashboards to analyze customer feedback. Get real-time actionable insights to fix the gaps in your customer experience. Leverage multitude of widgets to view data in a way that is meaningful to your organization.

  • 12+ multilingual widget types to showcase your customer feedback 
  • Export dashboards into pdf, presentations, or excel 
  • Separate authorization levels and login page for dashboards for efficient management
Find the right answers to take timely actions
Sentiment Analysis

Data Driven Analysis Made Easy

Distinguish between positive and negative comments with proprietary sentiment analysis. Evaluate customer satisfaction and NPS analysis. Understand what’s driving your customers to your brand with Key Driver Analysis.

  • Understand what your customers feel about your brand with Sentiment Analysis 
  • Calculate customer satisfaction levels and net promoter score to enhance customer  
  • Identify key reasons customers come to your brand and strengthen gaps with Key Driver Analysis

All-in-one solution for Customer Support

With’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) closed loop ticketing, track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets all in one place. Convert detractors to promoters with quick and efficient issue resolution.

  • Convert any question to detractor recovery and generate alerts for negative feedback 
  • Assign tickets automatically and give high priority to VIP customers 
  • Trigger follow up surveys on closure of tickets
Support Tickets

Ensure Smooth Implementation
Of VOC Programs

Save time and effort, automate your conversations by integrating the (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) platform with your existing CRM/ERP systems.

  • Share CX data across platform in real time using our APIs 
  • We are flexible in connecting you with any system
    you would like 
  • Error free automated data migration

Top Notch Security
With the (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Platform

With a proactive security system for customer data, the (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) platform follows industry best practices to ensure your data is safeguarded.

  • ISO 27001 certified that ensures information security
    best practices in asset management, access control, cryptography,
    and network security 
  • All data is encrypted in transit using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to protect it from cyber-attacks like phishing, hijacking 
  • The only platform to provide regional data centers for extra data security
Top Notch Security

Informed Actions To Design Memorable
Customer Experiences’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Customer Experience solutions deliver meaningful insights to facilitate strategic decision making.

Voice of Customer

Capture the voice of customer through a multitude of channels and empower your front end employees to customize brand’s offering for an enhanced customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Understand different elements of your brand that enhance customer satisfaction and view customer feedback and underlying sentiment in insightful dashboards.

Detractor Recovery

Convert your brand’s detractors into loyal promoters by improving and redesigning their customer experience. Predict detractor behavior and take timely actions to fix service gaps.

Explore's (Formerly known as Survey2Connect)
Product Portfolio

Digital Research

Digital research solutions designed to manage your on-field and off-field research. Use’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) customizable survey tools, AI enabled analytics with intuitive reporting and panel management for superior results.

Brand Experience

Test your brand’s perception and predict brand performance by capturing real customer insights. Build brand experiences that are delightful and can lead to loyal customer relationships.

Employee Experience

Tap into the employee pulse of your organization with’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) employee experience management solutions. Capture 360 degree feedback and enhance employee engagement organically.


Access globally distributed customer segments to generate realistic market insights. Gather customer inputs from diverse channels on an integrated platform to devise analytics based actions.

What Are Customer Experience Solutions

In today’s world, most companies are aware that they need to provide a good experience to their customers. However, what comes as an obstacle is that companies are not aware of their customers’ needs, wants, and desires. Thus, such companies aren’t able to comprehend the real impact of a good customer experience and the kind of value it creates.
Customer experience software allows companies to understand their customer needs at a deeper level. Customer experience solutions are designed to gather data from the customer and for the customer. The collected data helps in analyzing what it is that customers want and how it can be provided to them. It allows you to bridge the gap between customer expectations and customer service.’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) customer experience software allows companies to understand their customer needs and provides real-time insights with intuitive dashboards. Our CX solution allows you to improve your customer experience by providing you with a comprehensive analysis of your customer’s pain points and how you can solve them. The software raises a ticket anytime a bad response is recorded and allows you to take the necessary action accordingly and close the loop by solving customer issues.

Why Customer Experience Solutions

Every interaction between you and your customers develops a perception of your company in the minds of your customers. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to create a good customer experience for multiple reasons such as customer loyalty, customer retention, reduced customer churn, etc.

To build a long-term sustainable business, customer experience needs to be the topmost priority.’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) customer experience software helps companies in creating their long-term customer experience strategy. In a world full of competition, customer experience offers up a competitive edge and allows you to differentiate yourself from others. Since CX affects the overall impression of your brand in the minds of customers, customer experience becomes more crucial than ever. (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) offers customer experience solutions that allow companies to transform their business using Customer experience. We help them in capturing feedback at every customer touchpoint, providing real-time insights, managing and closing all the tickets in one place.

It doesn’t matter anymore if you’re a B2B or a B2C business, providing a good customer experience has become more crucial than ever. Customer experience is not just providing a good experience at a single customer touchpoint. It is a series of events occurring over a period of time. You need to understand the customer journey and provide a good customer experience at all the customer journey touchpoints.’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) customer experience software allows you to capture customer feedback and analyze it in an efficient manner. It allows you to understand the pain points of customers and improve upon your customer experience.

What Does (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Offer (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) provides you with a comprehensive customer experience platform wherein you can capture your customer’s feedback and manage it in order to improve your overall customer experience.

Our customer experience solution is developed with the purpose of easing the entire process of managing customer experience for you. It’s DIY customer experience software that allows you to design personalized surveys according to your brand color palette. You can capture the feedback of multiple customers at a single point in time and analyze it in real-time.

Our analysis feature analyzes the collected data and provides you with insights on the data and how you can improve upon that.

With our customer experience solution, you can reach out to your customers across Omni channels and capture their perception of your brand in a comprehensive way. You can actually create deep meaningful relationships with your customers by understanding their needs and using real-time data to make informed decisions and take timely actions.