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Survey2Connect Reports Impressive Growth, Announces U.S. Launch of AI-Powered Experience Optimization Platform

  • Celebrating more than 200% year-over-year growth for three straight years, Survey2Connect is poised for rapid expansion in the U.S.
  • Survey2Connect’s XEBO brings AI-powered digital research and CX optimization features to cost-conscious U.S. customers.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / August 16, 2023 / Survey2Connect, the best-in-class experience optimization platform company, proudly announces its official launch in the United States. Survey2Connect offers the most cost-effective research, voice of customer (VoC), and experience optimization capabilities on the market. It built XEBO, the first CX AI assistant for VoC research and analytics, and continues to add advanced features to help its clients focus on what matters most – quickly understanding and responding to the needs of their customers and employees while driving business growth.

S2C announced US launchAI-Powered Innovation

Recognizing the promise of AI, Survey2Connect built XEBO, a personal AI assistant that saves time creating new surveys and analyzing customer feedback to produce actionable insights.

“Survey2Connect transforms the future of experience management by fusing AI and advanced analytics. We have helped businesses create unparalleled data-driven experiences, setting a new standard for tomorrow,” said co-founder and CEO Yash Sultania.

“The AI revolution is at full throttle. It’s more urgent than ever for companies to embrace the power of AI to understand and respond to the needs of customers and employees in real time,” said Daniel Roundy, Survey2Connect North America Regional Director.

In addition to its AI capabilities, Survey2Connect offers flexibility so clients can choose on-premises deployments or U.S.-based cloud servers and data handling. Its research capabilities and integrated panels enable clients to target and gather feedback from the right audiences in more than 100 countries. Its real-time dashboards can be tailored to clients’ specific requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution

In a highly competitive U.S. market, businesses are seeking cost-effective solutions that deliver tangible value. Survey2Connect empowers organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and employees by collecting feedback at every touchpoint of their journey, including in-app, website, SMS, email, and more. The platform’s real-time dashboards and turnkey NPS and ticketing capabilities equip businesses with actionable insights and features to optimize customer and employee experiences, increasing customer and employee satisfaction and retention.

Survey2Connect has helped businesses save up to 60% of time running their CX and VoC programs, reducing customer churn by 25% and boosting revenue up to 20%.

Maximizing ROI With Expert Support

Establishing successful CX and VoC programs can be complex for businesses. To address this, Survey2Connect offers value-added professional services delivered by industry experts. These services ensure that businesses can maximize the ROI of the platform and build a strong foundation for continuous customer and employee experience improvement.

About Survey2Connect

Survey2Connect’s vision is to be the best-in-class experience optimization platform that helps everyone in the organization make smarter and informed decisions to deliver optimized experiences to every customer, employee, and stakeholder.

Survey2Connect’s dynamic team, guided by industry experts, helps organizations capture feedback at every touchpoint, understand it in real time, and deliver actionable insights and improvements.

Contact Information:

Daniel Roundy
Regional Director North America
(425) 223-2456

Hashem Chaballout
Business Development Director North America
(949) 899-3935

SOURCE: Survey2Connect

This article was originally featured in Business Insider.


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