Design Processes
To Measure And
Improve Your NPS

Get in touch with your customers to determine what makes them loyal to your brand. Build delighting experiences and turn even your detractors into your advocates.

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Why You Should Be Measuring NPS with S2C

NPS is the easiest and fastest estimate of your company’s health by understanding customer satisfaction as well as the possible risk of disgruntled customers leaving.

Measure Net Promoter Score With S2C

Don’t wait for your customers to provide feedback about what’s working for them and what’s not.

Create customized NPS surveys with S2C and reach out to them on relevant digital and offline touchpoints to effectively capture your NPS data.

Analyze NPS To Forecast Customer Behavior

Your NPS score tells you a lot about your brand’s health. A high score indicates more loyal promoters talking good things about the brands.

While a low score indicates more detractors, spreading negative word of mouth and ready to switch to your competitors.

Analyze your NPS with S2C to forecast customer actions before even they know about it.

Improving Customer Experience With NPS Insights

Use NPS as a motivator for improving your processes and service output.

Share NPS insights with your employees and drive organizational performance to create unparalleled customer experiences, thus improving your NPS steadily.

Speed And Agility

Create NPS Surveys In
Seconds With S2C

Use S2C’s agile survey design platform to build your very own NPS surveys within seconds. Select the variables, metrics, and scale that you want to use while interacting with your customers.

  • Use helpful S2C templates to capture critical data
  • Design surveys that are compatible with multiple channels
  • Distribute surveys across relevant touchpoints with speed and precision

Comprehensive Reach

Reach Your Customers
Where They Like To

To effectively capture how your customers feel about your brand, reach them on devices and through channels that they like to use. With Survey2Connect, you can run your NPS surveys through

  • Email Campaigns
  • Native Mobile Apps & SMS
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Website
  • Offline survey campaigns

Powerful Analysis

Access Automated In-Built NPS Analytics By S2C

No need to export standardized reports to analyze data and develop NPS insights on your own. With S2C’s in-built NPS analytics, that are custom designed for your industry, you can now map your complete customer experience journey.

  • Generate Role Specific Dashboards
  • Use pre-configured reports for fast decision making
  • Conduct NPS analysis with diverse variables

Actionable Insights

Take Analysis Driven Actions To Improve Your NPS

NPS is a powerful metric that can help you in designing customer management strategies. Map your marketing and operational data with your NPS reports to forecast customer behavior given the existing set of variables.

  • Identify process gaps that can lower your NPS
  • Create engagement touch points to bring back promoters
  • Predict detractors and the point at which they are likely to switch
  • Diagnose negative word of mouth and deploy damage control

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Take Actions That Make An Impact

Analyze survey data to create strategies that improve customer experience and brand loyalty

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