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You can customize your collector further by managing some Collector Settings for Field Force App Collector. Settings available are:

Cut off Date: This option lets you set a cut off date for the collector or disable it. You can choose to keep it off and you would have to manually disable the collector to close it or you can switch it on and set a date.

Enable CATI: This option would allow your agent to collect survey responses over telephonic interviews. You can switch it off or on. CATI interview allows your agent to call people and conduct the survey in form of an interview and collect their feedback using the Field Force Collector application. Once enabled, your agent would find the option to call respondents. Click here to read how it would appear to your agent and how they can conduct interviews.

Add custom field headings to show data in the app: Using the CSV file you can add multiple custom variables to agent data. However, in the application, you can only select three custom variable fields that will be shown to the agent on the field force application. You can select the three custom variables that will be shown to the agent from this section.

Enter the name of the fields and publish to make final changes to the custom variable shown in the application.

Survey mode in app: This option only works when the survey collection via the application is done in online mode. Once you enable this option for Online surveys, the survey-taking experience for the respondents would be similar to the web version.

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