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With field force application, your agents can conduct telephonic interviews to collect feedback from respondents. This feature once enabled from the Field Force collector setting, shows agents the option to conduct interviews by calling on the number shown to them on the assigned list page.

How to conduct a telephonic interview?

1. Once the agent opens the surveys for which he/she needs to conduct interviews, the agent needs to click on the survey on the Survey list page

2. Go to the Assigned List page and the agent would see the option to Call Respondent. This would take the agent to their device’s default caller and make the call.

3. Once on the call, the agent can start the survey by clicking on the Start Survey button.

4. Once the survey is complete, the agent can submit the response and it would be added to all the other responses.

Note: In order for your agents to be able to call respondents, the admin needs to add the contact details of the respondents. Click here to read more about it.


Call Logs

Call logs show the agents all the calls made by him/her for CATI feedback collection.

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