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The sender settings page lets you customize the email address from which the platform email and survey email would be sent. By default, it is set as donotreply@survey2connect.com. However, once you get your domain verified from the Sender authentication page, you change your email address by accessing the custom email section and adding the email address from which you would wish to send platform communications.

Further, you have the option to add SMTP server details which would allow you to send emails with your custom SMTP email.

In this article, we will cover the three options available to you.


If you haven’t added any custom email address, any platform emails you and your users receive such as notifications about tickets or resolution come from the default email address, which is set as donotreply@survey2connect.com. Once you have changed your email address to a custom one and wish to revert back to your default setting, you can do so by accessing this tab on the Preferences page.

Click on the Update button and click on Yes on the confirmation popup and your default email address would be set to donotreply@survey2connect.com

Custom Email

With Survey2Connect, you have the option to set your custom email as your Custom Outbound Email Address. This means that the email address that you set here would be the email address from which you and your users would get platform emails including emails about ticket generation, ticket resolution and other platform emails.

However, in order to add a custom email address, you need to have your domain verified. Once you have your domain verified, you would first need to add the email address with the same domain and then select the particular email address as default. Follow these steps to do so:

1. At the bottom of the Custom Email tab, enter the Sender Name and the Email address from which you wish to get mails. However, the email address you add here should have its domain verified from the Sender Authentication Page. Once you have added the email address and Sender Name, click on Add to add them.

2. Once added, scroll to the top of the page and you would be able to see the custom email id you have added in the list of custom email addresses added to your account. On the right side, you would see a drop-down with Select Default Email as the heading. Click on the drop-down and select the email address you just added.

These two steps would change the default email address to the new custom email address.

SMTP Server

With this feature update, users would be able to integrate their SMTP server with Survey2Connect to change the email address from which they receive the platform email. The process of doing the same is fairly simple: 

1: Under the Preferences Tab, click on Sender Settings and go to the SMTP Server tab.  

2: In the tab, enter the details asked and click on Update to save the changes.  For you to integrate your SMTP, you would have to provide the Sender’s Name, Email Address, Host, Your SMTP username and password. 

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