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Survey2Connect Announces Strategic Partnership With One Picture

Survey2Connect's partnership with One PicutreSurvey2Connect, a best-in-the-class research platform and One Picture, Auckland-based strategy and consumer insight company have joined hands to provide a seamless customer experience platform in the region. With this partnership, businesses in the region of Australia and New Zealand would be able to not only access the problem-solving expertise of One Picture but now also have the tools to enhance their customer experience and conduct extensive market research using Survey2Connect’s platform.


Speaking about the partnership between Survey2Connect and One Picture, CEO of Survey2Connect, Yash Sultania said that this partnership between Survey2Connect and One Picture is going to allow us to use One Picture’s expertise in solution delivery and fuse it with Survey2Connect’s best in class experience management solution and offer it to clients in New Zealand and Australia.


One Picture is an innovative multi-aspect company that assists companies in their brand planning, strategy planning, figuring out consumer insights. Having a large client base in New Zealand and Australia, One Picture has worked with some of the biggest names in their respective industries. The partnership would enhance One Picture’s effort in providing solutions to the company as the Auckland-based brand now has Survey2Connect’s platform to enhance the customer experience of their clients and provide a platform for all the brands in the region to conduct their extensive digital research.


Mr. Nathan Farmer, Partner at One Picture highlighted the positives of the partnership, stating how this tie-up is going to help brands looking to enhance their customer experience and conduct market research. “Survey2Connect’s single platform that brings all the tools in one place would really be helpful and easy to navigate for business looking to enhance their experience management”.


About Survey2Connect

A best-in-the-class research platform, Survey2Connect offers a single research platform that provides brands and its members with insights that lead to smart and informed decisions. Providing tools to improve the experience of every stakeholder involved, Survey2Connect through its Customer Experience Management and Market Research platform has helped global leaders reimagine and redesign their customer experience. Survey2Connect offers a wide range of products including CX, Market Research, Employee Experience to Brand Experience. A stop destination for all your research requirements, Survey2Connect offers expertise in all forms of Survey Creation and the tools help organizations capture feedback across all the touchpoints, understand the feedback in real-time, and deliver actionable insights. Founded in 2017, Survey2Connect has delivered value to more than 30 enterprises across the globe. Learn more at




About One Picture

One Picture is a strategy company, a brand planning, a consumer insights company, and an innovation company, and also a Discovery Company. Established in the year 2001, One Picture saw an opportunity in the insights space as a lot of traditional agencies were either inflexible or stuck in their way of approach. One Picture is eager to understand and explore the psychology of consumers and constantly evolve with the changing psychology. They also use their business savviness to real-world commercial challenges which have directly helped the company grow.

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