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Managing Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World
Managing Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World

To satisfy customers, you need to offer more than just good products. You also need to manage customer experience to provide a smooth and convenient service that meets their individual preferences and demands. This means you can’t rely on standard approaches and strategies. You need omnichannel customer experience management to create a seamless and personalized […]

Survey Questions for Banks
Survey Questions for Banks

Technology in the banking sector has contributed to an era of personalized experiences, empowering customers to engage seamlessly across various channels. While this advancement has elevated the potential for a more tailored approach, it has also brought about increased intricacies in crafting a positive customer journey. That’s where the bank client satisfaction questionnaire comes in. […]

How to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy
How to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy?

In 1997, Starbucks introduced a great customer experience strategy that transformed the way people enjoyed their coffee. Every aspect of the Starbucks experience, from the store ambiance to the personalized beverage orders, led to a unique and welcoming atmosphere for customers. Despite the evolving coffee and retail landscape over the past 26 years, one thing […]

How To Write Good Survey Questions
How to Write Good Survey Questions
Surveys are one of the best methods to get feedback about your product and understand the customer’s point of view.…
Top 10 Companies Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience
Top 10 Companies Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience
Have you ever made a purchase and rather than being happy with the product, you are simply in awe of…
Exceptional Customer Experience
2023’s Success Mantra: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience?
Customer Experience has become the prevailing trend across all industries. While innovation and competitive pricing dominated the 2000s and 2010s respectively,…
100 CX Thought Leaders Around The World That Are Changing The CX Game
Customer Experience has become the top priority for brands and businesses all around the globe. It can be seen in…
How To Engage Your Customers
How to Engage Your Customers?
Customer Engagement refers to the engagement or positive enthusiasm a brand can build amongst its customers. They are your biggest…
How To Measure CX
How To Measure CX: Determining The Success of Your Customer Experience
I had recently lost my phone in a cab. Although I had no hopes of finding it anytime soon (statistically…
Partnership With Future Communications Company
Survey2Connect Announces Partnership With Future Communications Company
Survey2Connect, an experience management platform, and Future Communications Company, a global leader of ICT products and services take great joy…
ROI of customer experience
Calculating ROI of CX: Defining The Success of Your CX Strategy
Customer Experience is almost everywhere and with the pandemic changing the landscape of the markets, it is more important than…
S2C partner with one picture
Survey2Connect Announces Strategic Partnership With One Picture
Survey2Connect, a best-in-the-class research platform and One Picture, Auckland-based strategy and consumer insight company have joined hands to provide a…