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Key Driver Analysis
What is Key Driver Analysis: Definition, Methods, Types, and Examples

Introduction Are your customer satisfaction ratings high? Or, are you experiencing a decline in customer loyalty? Whether you’re looking to acknowledge your achievements or seek solutions to improve your performance, the first step is to comprehend the underlying causes. This is where key driver analysis proves valuable. Key driver analysis is a potent approach that […]

Transforming cx in the education sector
Survey2Connect joins hands with BQA to transform CX in the Education Sector

Customer experience is not just limited to the business world. It plays a major part in the education sector as well. However, CX in the education sector is a tricky proposition as it often involves personalities at the very extreme ends of the spectrum – teachers, who are often senior in terms of age, experience, […]

Survey2Connect is now SOC 2 Compliant!

Survey2Connect, a leading experience management platform used by enterprise clients in MENA and APAC has successfully completed Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 certification for organization-wide data security. SOC 2 certification reaffirms the fact that Survey2Connect’s information security policies and procedures conform to the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and availability. In addition to SOC 2, […]

Increasing The Survey Response Rate
Increasing The Survey Response Rate
Survey Response is important to determining the success of your survey. No matter the time we spend in creating a…
WhatsApp integration
Expanding Omnichannel Collection With WhatsApp Integration
For companies offering Survey creation, an omnichannel collection suite has been a top priority. With a fast-paced world and short…
S2C partner with Businessway
Survey2Connect and BusinessWay Partner To Provide Seamless Customer Experience
Survey2Connect, which is a best in the class research platform has joined hands with BusinessWay Co. Saudi Arabia, a customer-centric…
Which one is better for your survey
NPS vs CES: Which One is Better for Your Survey?
For almost a decade now, the NPS question which goes something like – “How likely are you to recommend our…
Future Of Market Research
Future of Market Research: Changing Landscape In A Post-Covid World
Market Research as a domain has come a long way. Think of the previous decade or second half of the…
Fakhroo Information Technology Services
Survey2Connect’s Strategic Partnership With Fakhroo Information Technology Services
Survey2Connect and Fakhroo Information Technology Services announce their strategic partnership to help provide customer experience solutions to companies and brands…
Creating An Impeccable Customer Experience
Customer Journey Mapping: Creating An Impeccable Customer Experience
Back when the first explorers left Europe to explore the Indian subcontinent in the 15th century, they didn’t have a…
Empowering Your Employees With 360-Degree Feedback
Empowering Your Employees With 360-Degree Feedback: Advantages & Challenges
Feedback is an integral part of every employee’s management. However, the usual way the companies take is to ask managers…
To adhere to local norms of data privacy and protection in European Union, Survey2Connect has now become GDPR compliant
Survey2Connect is GDPR Compliant
By now we are sure you have heard of GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation as more and more companies…