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You need engaged customers to grow your business and brand but to do so, you need to know how to engage customers efficiently and effectively
How to Engage Your Customers?

Customer Engagement refers to the engagement or positive enthusiasm a brand can build amongst its customers. They are your biggest ambassador and one of the greatest assets. An engaged customer not only drives business forward but also promotes your business as a word-of-mouth advertiser. Not only will they actively go out of their way to […]

You need to know how to measure CX if you want to determine the success of your current customer experience program and this will help you do that
How To Measure CX: Determining The Success of Your Customer Experience

I had recently lost my phone in a cab. Although I had no hopes of finding it anytime soon (statistically it’s more probable that you would not find your lost mobile phone), I called the customer service of the cab company. Not only did the customer service executive help me get the information about the […]

Survey2Connect partnership announcement with Future Communications Company that would allow businesses in Kuwait to access CX platform
Survey2Connect Announces Partnership With Future Communications Company

Survey2Connect, an experience management platform, and Future Communications Company, a global leader of ICT products and services take great joy in announcing their strategic partnership in providing customer experience solutions and market research solutions in the region. With this tie-up, the businesses in Kuwait would be able to access the feedback of their customers using […]

Market Research has seen us develop new tools to analyze data but if we talk about future of market research, we will see a focus on automation
Future of Market Research: Changing Landscape In A Post-Covid World
Market Research as a domain has come a long way. Think of the previous decade or second half of the…
Survey2Connect and Fakhroo Information Technology Services announce their strategic partnership to help provide customer experience solutions
Survey2Connect’s Strategic Partnership With Fakhroo Information Technology Services
Survey2Connect and Fakhroo Information Technology Services announce their strategic partnership to help provide customer experience solutions to companies and brands…
customer journey mapping is a process of identifying the journey of the customer alongside the experiences & how customers interact with you
Customer Journey Mapping: Creating An Impeccable Customer Experience
Back when the first explorers left Europe to explore the Indian subcontinent in the 15th century, they didn’t have a…
Having a peer review system is important if you wish to have a 360-performance review and the best way you can achieve the goal is by integrating a 360-degree feedback system.
Empowering Your Employees With 360-Degree Feedback: Advantages & Challenges
Feedback is an integral part of every employee’s management. However, the usual way the companies take is to ask managers…
To adhere to local norms of data privacy and protection in European Union, Survey2Connect has now become GDPR compliant
Survey2Connect is GDPR Compliant
By now we are sure you have heard of GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation as more and more companies…
Quality Check's integral part of every industry. Yet there are not many brands that can say they have active Quality check system
Survey2Connect’s Quality Check Feature Is Live Now
Quality Check is an integral part of every industry, for every product. Yet when we talk of Surveys, there are…
This is where Quality Check for survey response data plays a crucial part. Ensuring that your data silos are properly analyzed by a quality check system, you make sure that the data on which you make plans is reliable and reflective of the actual mood of customers.
The Need For Quality Check For Survey Response Data
Surveys are a goldmine ready to be mined but what if the gold you extract is not gold? Survey Response…
What allows some brands to have such a loyal fan base? The answer to this question lies in customer loyalty programs
Can You Measure Customer Loyalty?
When you go to buy a new phone, do you tend to buy the same brand or go for a…
Join Survey2Connect webinar on Surviving is not enough, win with CX in 2021
Join Survey2Connect’s Webinar on Surviving Is Not Enough, Win With CX In 2021
Customer Experience has been a prime focus for businesses and ever since the pandemic halted the business and forced them…