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Ticketing Rules are used to generate tickets when some particular criterion is met. Tickets are generated as a reminder for the assignee to solve the dispute. For example, if a respondent gives negative feedback for a particular question, a ticket would be generated showing the concerned team the raised issue. The steps to adding a ticketing rule to a question are as follows: 


1. Go to the Advance section of the survey

2. Click on Ticketing Rules

3. Click on +Create New Ticket

    1. Enter the following details
  • Name: Enter the name of the ticketing rule name for future references
  • Group: If you have synced your contacts with your account, you can add a group
  • Owner: This lets you choose the owner of the ticket
  • Watchers: This option allows you to select people who can watch the ticket
  • Priority: You can set the priority of the ticket from low, medium, and high. 
  • Notify: This lets you notify the person who would look after the ticket issue
  • Link Survey: Link your current survey with either feedback or a satisfaction survey.
  • Tags: Lets you link embedded data, questions etc in your ticket
  • Ticket body: Enter the content you want to show in the ticket

4. Click Save

Note: This feature is available only in selected subscription plans. Please check before proceeding.

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