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Completion Rules help you set up rules for what happens when the respondents finish the survey or they are disqualified. Completion Rules help you get complete control of the survey, even when it has ended. You can use a custom URL to lead respondents to your website, product page or simply deliver a thank you message for participating. 


The steps to adding completion rules to a survey are as follows: 


1. Go to the Advance section of the survey

2. Select Completion Rules

View of the completion rule while designing a survey

Fill the details 

    1. Exit Link URL: The URL you enter here would be the page where the respondents would be taken to when they exit the survey by clicking the Exit button
    2. End Page: It will take your respondents to the desired URL or display the message. You can choose either to lead them to a page or just display the message at Survey completion

View of End Page Message Completion rule


             c. Custom Disqualification: This allows you to lead your respondents to a particular page or display a message in case they are disqualified either because of logic meet or quota meet or because the quota is full.

View of Custom Disqualification Completion Rule


Note: You can either choose to display a message or lead your respondents to a different URL in the case of End Page and Custom Disqualification. 

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