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Managing Target group refers to adding a new target group, deleting the target group, copying it and renaming it. You can manage multiple target groups for different surveys at the same time. The options available for managing the target group are as follows:


Adding New Target Group

In the Audience Campaign section, you have the option to create multiple target groups. Click on New Group to add a new target group. Once created, you can rename it.

You can add multiple new target groups in your audience campaign page

Copying a target group

You can copy a target group. Click on the Duplicate Target Group to make a copy of the target group. You can rename the new target group.

Copying a target group is fairly easy

Editing Target Group Name

This option lets you rename your existing Target group or a new target group you have just created. Click on the Edit button on the Audience Campaign page.

Editing a target group name

Deleting Target Group

You can delete a target group by clicking on Delete Button. This option is only available if you have more than one Target Group in your campaign. Click on Delete button and confirm the same when for the popup alert.

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