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Cross Tabs Overview gives a brief idea about Cross Tabs tools. The tools help you in understanding the correlation between different variables. It shows how correlations change from one variable grouping to another. You can assign two or more questions against each other and the tool analyses each answer choice against the other to provide a statistical relation between different answer choices and questions.

Let’s say you have a question, “Were you happy with the purchase?” and another question, “Select the product you have purchased”. Now, you can use Cross Tabs to find the correlation between the two answer choices of the first question with the answer choices of question 2. In this case, it would show you the data in such a way where you would data for all the products with respect to if the respondents were happy with the purchase or not.

There are several options available on the overview page:

Cross tabs overview page gives an insight into the features available in Cross tabs section

  • View Total as: This option lets you select what type of data would appear in the cross tabs. You can switch between respondents and responses.
  • Count: When enabled, this would show the number of times the particular answer choice was selected
  • Row Percentage: Row percentage is the percentage-wise responses based on stub question
  • Column Percentage: Column Percentage is the percentage-wise response based on the banner question.
  • Increase Decimal: This option increased the decimal places. You can have a maximum of three digits after a decimal.
  • Decrease Decimal: You can decrease the number of digits after decimal with this option.
  • Export: This option helps you export your cross tabs data
  • Share: You can share your cross tabs using this option
  • Select Stub Question: Stub question refers to the question that would be in the row.
  • Select Banner Question: This refers to the questions that would be in the column section
  • Advance: This option lets you add more questions in the cross tabs. You can also remove questions from the banner with this option.

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