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We help you analyze your data in Power BI using the Integrations feature. Our integration requires Power BI details. We use those to automatically sync your data into Power BI so that you can build the Reports or Dashboards on the basis of data in Power BI itself.

Power BI is used to create interactive visuals for your reports. Power BI integrations also help you gain insights from all the data you have collected.

With the integrations feature, you can

Analyse data in Power BI: This would allow you to analyse all your data in Power BI. By clicking on Start Analysing button, you can enable the Power BI integration. Select the fields you want to be analysed in the popup that would appear.

Sync data status: Once you have enabled the Power BI, this option would let you automatically sync all your data with Power BI.

Delete all rows from Power BI: This option would delete all the rows from your Power BI.

Delete Everything: With this option, you can clear out all your data from the Power BI integration.

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