Unlock New Insights with WhatsApp Surveys

With completely seamless integration of WhatsApp with XEBO.ai (Formerly known as Survey2Connect), send your customer feedback surveys using WhatsApp. XEBO.ai (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) allows you to offer a top-notch customer experience by enabling a quick, more efficient feedback system. With XEBO.ai’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) WhatsApp integration, companies can now access new markets and offer an unforgettable customer experience.

Send surveys using WhatsApp!

Get Access to the Omnichannel collection suite and maximize the reach of your surveys.

Increase Survey Response Rate With WhatsApp

Increase your survey response rate by sharing your surveys on WhatsApp and draw better insights

  • Bypass the promotional messages and Emails and reach your customer on their personal WhatsApp chat
  • Leave no base unattended. With more than 2 billion active users, make sure you don’t miss out on any insight
  • A more interactive and intuitive survey
  • OPT for a more personalized approach towards customer experience

WhatsApp Conversational Surveys

Take a more personalized approach towards customer feedback collection

  • Automated conversation with customers
  • Feedback collection in conversational format
  • Get deep insights into consumer preferences
  • Gather feedback from target audience at scale and in real-time

With the feature of conversational surveys, you get the opportunity to cater to your customers in a more personalized fashion and thereby increase your survey response rates in the process as well.

The World’s Best Brands Turn To XEBO.ai (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) For CX

Niva Bupa