Voice of Customer Program (VoC)

A good VoC program helps businesses drive better customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased sales.

What is the Voice of Customer

The VoC program involves capturing what customers are saying about a product, service or business.  

It is a term that includes –

  • Describing the customer’s feedback about their experiences and expectations with your company’s products or services  
  • Focusing on customer understandings, customer needs, expectations and product improvement.  
  • gives insight into customer preferences, problems, and complaints. 
  • Stresses on the importance of “closing the loop” I.e responding to customers with the proof that their feedback is heard and incorporated into the products & services.

How can we listen to the Voice of the Customer?

The VoC tools focus on collecting individual data as opposed to aggregate data. The best analytics tools falling under an ideal VoC program include:

  • Text Sentiment Analysis  
  • Voice of Customer Survey 
  • Close the Loop Ticketing App

In order to identify and respond to the Voice of the Customers, companies must use these tools because these tools make sure to find meaning in the customer feedback data and timely solve the issues.

Text Analytics Suit and Sentiment Analysis

Text Analytics suite automates the process while allowing you to intervene manually to refine your results. 

  • Process written feedback in seconds across various channels including social media. 
  • Distinguish between positive and negative comments through proprietary sentiment analysis framework 
  • Drawn over a large pool of dataset to identify sentiment on a scale of –10 to 10. 
  • Create tags and word clouds for easy identification using recurrent Neural Network and Long Short-Term Memory

VoC Surveys

VoC surveys is another essential way of capturing customer feedback that can then be analyzed and shared throughout your company.

  • Create DIY surveys and select from our exhaustive question types 
  • Create Multilingual Survey to reach a global audience 
  • Apply complex logic to make surveys personalized

Closed Loop ticketing

  • Convert any question to detractor recovery and generate alerts whenever any customer submits negative feedback 
  • Assign tickets automatically and give high priority to VIP customers. 
  • Trigger follow up survey when the ticket is closed.
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