Omnichannel Feedback Collection

Maximize your customer reach with our omnichannel customer feedback solutions 

Omnichannel Feedback Collection

What is Omnichannel Feedback

Omnichannel feedback gives customers an opportunity to share feedback seamlessly across multiple channels. 

Omnichannel Feedback Collection allows you to-

  • Collect feedback across your customer journeys
  • Engage with customers through every channel
  • Collect feedback across your customer journeys
what is omnichannel feedback
why is omnichannel feedbackcrucial

Why is Omnichannel Feedback Crucial

Omnichannel feedback helps companies in collecting feedback from customers by reaching out to them using channels they prefer.

  • Complete information about customer preference, behavior, satisfaction. 
  • Customer feedback across customer journeys. 
  • Creates a long-lasting customer relationship.

Survey2Connect’s Omnichannel Feedback
Collection Solutions

Provide Seamless customer experience with omnichannel feedback

S2C’s Omni Channel feedback collection solutions are designed to maximize your customer reach and connect with them through integrated digital and physical channels.

  • Collect feedback across your customer journeys 
  • Use channels like email and SMS surveys, in-app APIs, websites, WhatsApp, social media, 2- way SMS and more. 
  • Use offline channels to conduct interviews offline or online mode using the Field Force App for iOS and Android

Capture critical customer journey data

Customers engage with your brand through a variety of touchpoints and platforms. Reach out to your customers across platforms and capture their experiences throughout all the touchpoints of the customer journey. Omnichannel customer feedback allows you to-

  • Integrate Customer Experience & Operations data 
  • Gather voice and text feedback 
  • Engage Employees in Feedback Collection
capture critical customer journey data
Generate Real-Time Insights

Real-time Insights

Use S2C’s Omnichannel feedback collection tool for optimal feedback collection in real-time. View data in a way that is meaningful to your organization and use a multitude of tools for robust analysis.

  • Export dashboards into pdf, presentations or excel 
  • Separate login page for dashboards plus restricted access based
    on authorization level 
  • over 12+ widget types that are all multi-lingual
    and mobile responsive

Survey2Connect’s Omnichannel Collection Suite


S2C’s omnichannel feedback collection tool allows you to reach out to your customers using email and provide your customers with a platform for two-way communication.

  • Embedded Surveys 
  • Embedded NPS questions 
  • Survey Links


WhatsApp integration with S2C allows for a more efficient feedback system.

  • Increase survey response rate. 
  • WhatsApp conversational surveys 
  • Embedded survey links


S2C allows you to send out surveys using SMS and reach out to a wide range of customers.

  • Survey Links 
  • Embedded Surveys 
  • NPS surveys 


Capturing customer feedback through the means of website allows you to capture the first-hand information from customers about their experiences.

  • Embedded Surveys 
  • Improved customer relationships 
  • Targeted feedback collection

Field Force Collector

Field force mobile application lets you collect feedback from your customers in both offline and online mode using mobile devices or tablets.

  • Collect offline surveys 
  • Collect feedback in Kiosk mode 
  • Use field agents to capture feedback
field force collector

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Customer Satisfaction

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Detractor Recovery

Convert your brand’s detractors into loyal promoters by improving and redesigning their customer experience. Predict detractor behavior and take timely actions to fix service gaps.

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