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Customer Experience is a growing industry and though not many know or care for it, those who do can see the benefits. Customer Experience right now is limited to from the time the customer comes to the store to the time he buys the product. But with changing landscape, focus is now for a 360 degree evaluation of customer journey and Survey2Connect with its resources is trying to solve the problem of how can we make CX better than ever.

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Siddhant Malik

Business Development Manager

My journey with Survey2Connect started in June 2018. During my last two years at Survey 2 Connect, I got to connect with many new people within and outside the team.

Pallavi Sehgal

Customer Success Executive

My experience with this company has only been about learning and positive growth. The working environment is so well managed by each and every employee even though we all are working from home.

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Urgent Openings

    Graphic Designer

    The designer should be an expert in designing Web Pages, Banners, UX/UI & Other Graphical Elements.

      Senior Marketing Executive

      We are looking for a Marketing Executive with content marketing and digital ads expertise.

        Customer Success Manager

        Customer Success Executive plays a critical role in client satisfaction and thus bringing repeat business.

          Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack Developer/Backend Developer

          We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to produce and implement functional software solutions and develop software

            Technical Lead – Full Stack developer/Backend Developer

            We are looking for someone who is excited about Angular, React.js, Node.js, Javascript, Microservices, and/or Messaging.