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The assigned list page shows the agent the assigned quota of responses the agent needs to collect for the particular survey. The assigned list will remain active as long as the quota or limit for the individual agent is not filled, acting as a to-do list for the agent. Agents can use the Start Survey button to collect the survey response.

Assigned list shows you the assigned survey for which you need to collect the response. It also shows you any custom variable field if added.

Assigned List page shows the agent the assigned quota of responses and survey the agent needs to collect for the survey.

For example, The number and Hospital details shown are custom variable fields added to the agent data. Agents can also directly call the number shown to them by clicking on the call button right next to the mobile number shown.

In the assigned list section, you have a numeric count of how many assigned surveys remain incomplete. In our case, it shows the number 4, indicating that there are 4 active assigned lists for the particular agent for the particular survey.

For each assigned list, the agent would be able to see the custom variable fields, which in our case is the hospital name and contact number. Other than that, the agent can also see how many survey responses are left to be collected before the agent reaches the limit set for him. “6 responses pending” indicates that the agent needs to collect 6 more responses for the particular assigned list before he/she reaches the limit.

Note: Every time you update the CSV file, a new assigned list will be created for the agent that would be shown under the first assigned list.

The agent can also call the number shown to them by clicking on the call button shown next to the numbers. This feature allows agents to directly call the number from the application page, rather than opening the dial pad and entering the number manually.

Searching for an assigned list

Agents can also search for the assigned lists using any of the keywords indicated to them.

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