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The dashboard overview page gives you a glimpse into the features available under the Dashboard section. The dashboard lets you create intuitive reports with visualizations and insights that help you take decisive actions.

In the dashboard section, you use the survey data from your existing surveys and visually present the data using widgets. With the Survey2Connect account, you get 10+ widget types including Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Wordcloud, and much more. You can also customize the dashboard using filters, themes, and languages of your choice. You can share the dashboard with your team with the Share feature and you can export the Dashboard to access it on your device. There are numerous features available in the Dashboard and Dashboard overview page covers all the features available:

All Dashboards
Under this section, you can see all the dashboards you have created under your account. You can view and manage them from this section of the dashboard. Under the manage part, you can move it to the library, delete it or change the setting. 

  • Owner: This section shows you the owner of the Dashboard. In case you have shared the Dashboard with a group, the name of the group would be shown in the Owner tab. Otherwise, it shows the name of the owner, which in this case would be the user creating the dashboard.
  • Actions: Under this section, you have the option to perform some action
    • Edit Dashboard: The edit button is provided outside and you can edit your dashboard by clicking on this button.
    • Share Dashboard: This button would help you share your dashboard. While sharing your dashboard, you can add restrictions, limiting the data being shown. Click here to know more about sharing.
    • Duplicate: With this, users can duplicate their existing dashboard. However, when you duplicate a Dashboard, only the published part of the Dashboard would be duplicated. Any unpublished change would not reflect in the copied dashboard.
    • Delete: This option would allow you to delete your dashboard.


This shows you all the deleted dashboards in your account. When you delete a dashboard, it is sent to the deleted section from where you can either restore them or delete them permanently.


Through filters, you can sort and arrange your dashboard list as per your need. The available options under the filters are

  • Filtering By Modified Date: You can select a time period by selecting the start date and end date
  • Sort By: You can sort your Dashboard list on the basis of 4 available options
    • Created date – Latest first: This sorts the data with the newest dashboard at the top
    • Created date – Oldest First: This sorts the data with the oldest dashboard at the top
    • Modified date – Latest first: This sorts the data with the newest modified dashboard at the top
    • Modified date – Oldest First: This sorts the data with the oldest modified dashboard at the top

New Dashboard
Use this button to create new dashboards for your surveys. You can follow this step-by-step guide to create a new dashboard. 

View of the Dashboard

This button shows you the export history of your Dashboard. Every time you download a widget in RAW format, it gets added to the Exports history which can be viewed from here

The source is the base data you acquire from the survey to make your dashboard. You can use multiple sources from multiple surveys to create a dashboard. Click here to read more about Source. 


Edit Mode
Edit mode allows you to make changes to your dashboard. If you wish to make any changes to the dashboard, you would need to enable the edit mode. In Edit mode, you can add widgets, add themes and make changes to settings. 


This button lets you preview your dashboard prior to publishing.


You can publish your dashboard using this button. You also get the option to restore to a previously saved version of your survey with this button. Click on the drop-down next to it to access the Restore option.


New Widgets
With this button, you can add new widgets to the dashboard. You can select from the options available on the widget page. Click here to read more about widgets.


You can change the theme of your dashboard to match your brand tone. You can either select from the options available or create your own theme. Click here to read more about the Themes.


With Survey2Connect, you get the option to change the language of your dashboard data using the Languages button. You can add numerous languages to your dashboard. Read more about languages by clicking here.


Edit Layout
This option when enabled, lets you drag and drop widgets to create a custom layout for your dashboard. You can create different layouts for your mobile and desktop view.


This option lets you share your dashboard with other users. You can also create a test link and manage the restriction of the sharing feature with this section. Click here to read more.


Comments option lets users comment on the dashboard and a particular widget. This allows for communication within the team. Click here to read more about Comments.


This option lets you set a filter on the Dashboard page. This particular filter is referred to as Page Filters and you can read more about it here.

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