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You can create a dashboard to present your survey response data in a visual manner. Rather than showing numbers, the dashboard allows you to showcase the same data with bars and graphs and charts. You can further analyse your data for insights using the dashboard feature.

With Survey2Connect, you can create a dashboard from your surveys from the library or you can import a survey file from your device, providing you with third party support. The steps to create a dashboard are as follows:

1. Go to the Dashboard section of your account

2. Click on Create New

You can create a dashboard that shows all your survey data in visual form

3. Select the destination where you would want to save your Dashboard

4. Enter the name for Dashboard

5. Select the source file. These source file are the data for your dashboard. You can either import a survey file or browse surveys to import source data. You can download the sample format for file import. For importing the survey, click on Browse A File and import the file from your device. In case you select the Survey file from the library, select the survey.

You can select a soruce file for your survey dashboard

6. Select the questions and data fields you would want to export to the source. You can select all or manually select individual fields and questions. With Survey2Connect’s Dashboard, we offer you to choose from these field options available

    • All Data: If you select this option, you would be shown all the data available with the particular survey
    • Questions: If you select this option, you would be shown all the questions from the survey
    • Embedded Data: This option would show the embedded data available for the survey.
    • Agents: This option when selected, shows the agent data for the particular survey
    • Meta Data: This option when selected shows the metadata for the particular survey. At present, location is the metadata that’s available to you while creating a dashboard
    • Derived Variable: This shows you all the derived variables present in the survey. The derived variable feature is available in the analyze section that allows you to create a custom variable after you have received survey responses. Click here to read more about it.

7. Click on Done

8. Manage Variable settings, add more source or variable as per your need. Once finalized, click on Continue. To read more about the Source, click here.

9. Add Widgets, manage themes, languages, layouts. You have the option to choose from more than 10+ widget types.

10. Once you have managed every setting for the Dashboard, click on Publish to publish your survey.

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