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Wordcloud widget detects sentiment words to depict the sentiments you customers have for you. This is useful if you wish to perform sentiment analysis. While the widget section offers tonnes of customization features, there are certain features available with the Wordcloud widget on the dashboard page. Let’s check them out.

The widget shows you the wordcloud alongside the table, depending upon the setting you have chosen while creating the widget. It shows you the percentage of respondents who displayed positive, negative, and mixed sentiments.

On the left side, you can see the wordcloud with keywords mentioned alongside the number of times the word was used. On the right side, you get a detailed version in a tabular manner. You can see the complete statements depicting the keywords.

The sentiment filter allows you to sort your data on the basis of the sentiment options available. Once you select the individual sentiment in the filter, only the data with the particular sentiment would be shown.

You can also change the sentiment of the individual statement. As shown in the image, by clicking on the refresh button, you have the option to assign it a sentiment. If it was Positive earlier, you can change it to negative or Mixed or No Option with this button. The second button alongside that is enabled if you have enabled Show Meta in the Wordcloud widget. Clicking on this would lead you the individual response.

You can also click on any keyword in the wordcloud and the table would be sorted on the basis of the particular keyword. These keywords act as a tag and clicking them would show you the statements with the selected keywords.

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