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The long Text question type is used when you want your respondents to answer an open-ended long text answer. This question type is used in a survey when you want a long textual answer from your customers.

Example of Long Text Question

Let’s say you want to add a question where you expect respondents to provide open-ended subjective feedback. In such a case, you can use Long Text Questions. For example, “Please share your opinion on how we can improve your experience in our store”.

The steps to add this question are as follows:


1. Go to the page you want to add the question to and click on the + button to add the question

2. Select Long Text on the left side of the screen under the New Question tab

3. Type the question on the top left side of the screen

4. Manage the question setting and insert piping if needed

5. Click on the Save button or Save & Create New if you want to add one more Long Text question


Note: You can add media files to the question. You can also use Validation to ensure that the answers come in a specific pre-defined format. 


Note: Availability of this question type depends on your subscription plan. Please check your plan before adding the question type in the survey.


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