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Carry Forward Choices are used when you want to carry the options of one question to another question. You can either carry forward all the selected answer choices or the ones which are not selected. This is useful with only choice-based questions such as multiple-choice questions, Dropdown, Ranking, Rating. 


Example of Carry Forward Choices

Let’s see an example of the logic. Let’s say you have a Multiple choice question at Question 5 and you want to carry selected choices from Question 4 onto Question 5. 


For the logic to work, you need to apply the logic on Question 5 and select the question from where you want to carry the choices. Let’s see an example of it. 


We are carrying selected choices from Question 4 to Question 5. We have selected Shirt and Jeans which will be reflected in Question 5, which has just two options and others are carry forward choices. 

Let’s see how it would work. We have just three options in Question 5

Now let’s see the logic in action


The steps to adding the logic to a question are as follows: 


1. Go to the question you want to add the logic to

2. Select Logic button on the right side of the question

3. Select Carry Forward Choices

4. Select the question, from which you want to carry the answer choices

5. Select the carry choices

6. Select the answer choices you want to exclude from being carried forward

7. Click Save


Note: Make sure the two questions are on two different pages to ensure a proper logic path.

Adding new conditions

You can add multiple conditions by selecting +add new condition. You can use the new conditions to carry more choices from the same question or other questions. 

The steps to adding New Conditions are as follows:

1. After adding the first condition, click on +add new condition

2. Select the question from where you want to carry the options, alongside Carry option and exclude

3. Scroll down to With option and select if you want to show the union of choices or intersection. Union would show all the choices and intersection would only show the common choices.

4. Select Carry Option and Exclude the choices, if any.

5. Click Save



Carry Forward options available

  • Carry codes: this option will let you carry weights along with the options
  • Carry at top: this option will let you carry forward choices at the top of all the answer choices
  • Carry as plain text: this option will let you carry only the text of choices
  • Carry as mapped choices: this option is useful to map answer choices. If you have used mapping, you can carry the mapped choices in place of the answer choices. 
  • Maximum allowed options: this option allows you to set the maximum number of options that can be carried

Carry Options available

All choices displayed & hidden: This option would carry all the option choices from the question.

Displayed Choices: This would carry all the displayed choices

Hidden Choices: This would carry all the hidden choices if any

Selected Choices: This would only carry the selected choices from the question you want to carry the choices from

Unselected Choices: This would carry the choices not selected

All Display choices before Selected: This would carry the choices from the first on the list to the selected choice.

All Display choices after selected: This would carry all the displayed choices after the selected choice in the list to the end of the list.


Note: Availability of the logic type depends on your subscription plan. Please check before proceeding.

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