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Auto Save Logic is used when you want to save a particular set of answer choices automatically, based on some criteria or by default. You can use criteria to determine when to activate Auto Save Logic or you can do it without adding criteria. 


Example of Auto Save Logic

Let’s check an example of Auto Save Logic in a survey. Let’s say you want to add the logic in Question 4. We will put a condition that would activate Auto Save Logic only when the user selects Yes as the answer choice in Question 1. 


For the logic to work, you need to create criteria that activate when respondents select Yes as their answer choice for Question 1. After that, add logic to the Question and select the Criteria while adding the logic. Also, select the auto save choices. Let’s see how it would work. 


The logic will only work in the survey if the respondents select Yes in Question 1. Once, respondents select Yes, the top two choices in Question 4 would be auto selected. Let’s see how it would work if the respondents select Yes in Question 1. The top two choices are auto selected because of the logic. 

Now if the respondents select No in Question 1, we will see how it would look in Question 4.
This is how it would look if criteria are not met and logic is not activated.



The steps to adding the logic to a question are as follows:


1. Go to the question you want to add the logic to

2. Click on the Logic button on the right side of the question

3. Select Auto Save Logic

4. Select the Criteria or no condition

5. Select the answer choices that are to be automatically saved

6. Click Save Changes


Note: You can create multiple conditions for auto save by using +Else if, +If Condition and +Else Condition. Select the condition and repeat the process of selecting Criteria and Auto Save options.

Note: Availability of the logic type depends on the subscription plan. Kindly check before proceeding.

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