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The quality checks feature allows you to place a check system that would flag your response in case they don’t meet the criteria set by you. You can set these criteria by going to individual checks and enabling them and clicking Save button.

Types of Quality Checks

Flag by Duration — This QC type flags the response if the respondent took more or less than the time you have defined for the survey. In this, you have the option to set a minimum time limit or a maximum time limit in minutes. If the survey response doesn’t meet the criteria, the QC would flag the particular response.


Flag by Net Duration – This type flags the response if the respondent took time which is not as per the time range you have set for the survey response. Pretty similar to the previous QC, however, in this, the response needs to in between the pre-set time period for it to be a genuine response.


Flag by Odd Hours – This type is used to flag the responses that are being submitted at odd hours. As per this, the response would be flagged if the survey was filled before or after prescribed timings. You can only choose one from – Before or After.



Flag by No GPS – This is a QC for app-based data collection. This type flags the survey response if there was no GPS data captured during the duration of the survey response.



Flag by Fake GPS: With GPS location being mandatory for survey collection in some cases, fake responses can be filled using a fake GPS location. This fake location can make it look like the response is from the target geography. However, with this QC, the responses in which a fake GPS location was used would be flagged to you.



Flags Straight Lining —  With Matrix-type choice-based questions, a fake respondent might fill only all the choices on the extreme left. This type of unreliable responses would be flagged using this Quality Check by Survey2Connect.



Flags Short Open Ended Answer: With this QC, you can set a minimum character limit for your short open-ended questions in your survey. If the response doesn’t meet the criteria, it would be flagged with the help of this check.



Flags Too Many Sessions: A QC for app-based survey collection, it will flag if a response takes more sessions than your set.



Flags By Answer Code: With this type, you can choose an answer code and if that code is selected more than your set percentage of times, the survey response would be flagged.



Flagged By Clock Changed: Many users alter their time to bypass time-based quality checks to avoid being flagged. However, with this check, the responses would be flagged if the clock was changed while taking the survey.



Flagged By Question Duration: With this feature, you can flag any response in which a respondent takes more than a defined time to respond to a particular question in the survey. This would ensure the reliability of the survey.



Flagged By GPS Time On Device: This QC is used to flag a response where the GPS time and survey start time differ by more than your preset time difference. An example of this is if your preset time was 60 seconds and the difference between the time picked by GPS and the time when the survey was started is more than 60 seconds, the response would be flagged. This QC is used in app-based survey collection only.



Flagged By Stale GPS Time: A QC for app-based data collection would flag a response if a GPS location is fetched before the respondent has even started the survey.



Flagged By No Silent Recording: This is an app-based QC that would flag a response in which there was no silent recording captured by the device. For this Quality check to work, you need to enable recording in the Survey Setting of the particular survey. Once you have enabled it and there is no recording audible for the survey response, the response would be flagged.



Flagged By Back Tracking Activity: A user has the option to back and forward in a survey, however, for a reliable response, the user would not go back and forth more than a couple of occasions. You can set a limit for it and if the user goes back and forth more than the limit, the survey response would be flagged.


Flagged By Partial Racing: This check flags a response if a respondent takes less time than your prescribed limit for your prescribed percentage of questions. You can set a count for questions in percentage and set a time limit. For example, if you set 50% of questions under 10 seconds, it would place all the questions answered under the time limit. The count of such questions would be calculated in percentage against total questions and if it doesn’t meet the criteria, the response would be flagged.


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