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Looping is used when you want to repeat all the questions in a set of pages multiple times. Looping can be done on the basis of a question or embedded Data or statically as per requirement. You can also apply randomization on the pages looped.

Example of Looping

Let’s say, you ask your respondents, “Select the hair care products you use from our brand”. The respondent, let’s say, selects 3 products. Now you want to know opinion on each individual product. You can use Looping in that case to loop the same question for each individual product. The looped question would be like, “What do you like the best about Product X”. The variable X would be replaced every time with a new product that the respondent had selected in the initial question.

The steps to adding a looping to question are as follows:


1. Click on the Advance section of the survey

2. Select Looping

3. Click on +Looping 

4. Enter the name of the looping

5. Select the From page question and To page question. From Page question will help you select the question from which you want to loop and the To Page question is the question you want to loop onto. 

6. Click the on looping button below the question

7. Check Loop the page based on Question OR Embedded Data. This option would allow you to loop the question sets on the basis of a particular question or embedded data. In our case, we want to loop it on the basis of the answer choices selected. So, we will enable the option and select the question and answer choices for which it will be looped.

8. Create sets as per your requirement. You can create multiple sets of looping. 

9. Click Save

Note: This feature is available only in selected subscription plans. Please check before proceeding.

Randomize Loop Order: If you want to randomize the order of the looping for each of the loops, you can select this option. This would mean that instead of going to loops in order of the set, it would randomize the loop sets.

Present Only: This option when enabled would only let the loop set run for the assigned number of times. So, if the loop is supposed to run 10 times but you have assigned 5 as the number here, the loop would run only five times.


Question Bases Loop types: If you have selected your loop on a question, there are a few options available:

  • Selected Choices: This option would run a loop for only the selected answer choices. So if a user has selected three answer types, it would run three times.
  • All Choices — Hidden & Displayed: This would run the loop for all answer choices
  • Displayed Choices: This would run the loop for all the displayed choices
  • Hidden Choices: This would run the loop for all the hidden choices
  • Unselected Choices: This would run the loop for all unselected answer choices

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