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Language feature in Survey2Connect’s survey creation allows you to create Surveys in multiple languages to increase your reach and get a global perspective. You can select multiple languages including Urdu, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, and Greek. The advantage of creating a multilingual survey is that it allows you to cater to your global audience in their language. You can select from either an automatic translation or upload the translated file. 

With Survey2Connect, you also have the option to create your own custom language. These custom languages are useful when you wish to add a regional language based on a particular language.

The steps to changing the language of a survey are as follows:


1. Click on the Advance section of the survey

2. Click on Languages

3. Click on the search bar under Add New Language and add the one you want to add to the survey

4. Click Edit Language Button 

5. Select Auto Translate to automatically translate everything on the survey

6. Click Submit


Note: You can also manually translate every page by going to an individual page and translating everything.

Translating via Excel

You also can upload a translated excel sheet. You can download the template from the Edit in Excel button with the particular language. In the popup, click on the download template. The template file contains the template of how your file should look like. 

Make changes in the excel file as per your need and save it on your device. Once translated in .xlsx format, upload it by clicking on the Edit in Excel button and selecting the Upload File option.  

Note: The availability of multiple languages depends on your subscription plan. Please check before proceeding.


Creating Custom Language

With Survey2Connect, you have the option to create your own custom language. The custom language can be helpful when you want to create a regional dialect based on a particular language. This feature is handy as it is specific to just one particular survey only.

For example, if you wish to create a language with some iteration from the Arabic language. Instead of having to adjust to the existing Arabic language, you can create your own custom language for the survey. Follow these steps to create a new custom language.

1. Click on the Add Custom Language button on the top of the Language Page

2. Enter the details including the name of the language, name of the Native language on which the custom language is based, Language Key which would be used to identify the language.

3. Use the Auto Translate option to auto-translate surveys into the specified language. Also, you can select the language style between Left to Right or Right to left language type.

4. Scroll down and manually enter the translation of the mentioned text

5. Click on Save. Your new language would now be added to the list of languages on the Language Page. It will be shown with a Custom tag, denoting that it is a custom language.

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