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WhatsApp Collector allows you to integrate your WhatsApp for Business account with your Survey2Connect account to share Survey link with respondents using WhatsApp. If you use this collector, your respondents would get a customized message along with the Survey link. You can create the WhatsApp Collector by following these steps:

1. Go to Collect Response

2. Select WhatsApp Collector

3. Enter the name of the collector

4. Click on Save

In WhatsApp Collector you have three options:

Overview: Through the overview, you can see the progress of the invites sent through the WhatsApp collector. You can edit drafts, see the messages send successfully/failed, and see the number of responses received fully or partially.

In Overview, you can check

  1. Total Invitation sent: No. of Successful invitations and No. of failed Invitation
  2. Total No. of SMS Responses
  3. Message History

Recipients: In the recipient’s section you can see all the recipients, the status of the invite sent, Responses status (Completed/Partially completed/Not Responded), etc.

In recipients you can check:

  1. To Whom was the message sent.
  2. Status of the message
  3. Have they responded; Yes or No
  4. Survey Link Sent to them
  5. Message sent to them in the email

Options: Through Options, you can do various customization to the SMS through various link settings

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