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You can customize the collecto setting by clicking on the next to each setting.

Rename Collector: This option lets you rename the collector

Survey Domain: This option allows you to customize the name of the domain for the survey. This option is subjected to your subscription plan.

Message to show when collector is closed: This option allows you to edit the message a respondent would get if the survey is closed.

Response Editing: This option lets you control whether respondents can change their answers in between the survey or after taking a survey or not able to edit at all.

Anonymous Responses: Using this option you can Exclude all the respondents’ information from the survey results or you can exclude only personal information from survey results or include all information in the survey results.

Intro Page: This option lets you decide whether you want to show the intro page to the respondent or not

Report Page: This option lets you choose to show the report page to the respondents

Cutoff Date and Time: This option lets you set a cutoff date and time for the survey. After that, respondents won’t be able to take the survey.

Message to show when Cut off Date and Time gets expired: This option lets you control the message the respondent will get when the cut-off date and time of the survey has expired.

Response Limit: This option lets you automatically close the survey if the response number reaches the limit set by you.

IP Restrictions: Using this option you can choose to allow whether computers with a specified IP address can take the survey.

Organization: This option lets you add the organization’s name, its type, city, etc.

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