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Field Force mobile application lets businesses collect feedback from their customers in both offline and online mode using mobile devices or tablets. Compared to other means to collect feedback, the Field Force application requires businesses to send field agents to interact with customers and collect their feedback on a mobile device.

Once collected, the feedback can be saved with other feedbacks with ease of one touch. The offline survey application allows businesses to get freedom from relying on the internet for feedback collection. Agents would be able to collect feedback without the internet.

Alongside, all the great features provided in the application, the application can also be used to collect feedback in Kiosk mode. Kiosk mode allows you to collect feedback on a device without having to manually start a survey for each respondent. Simply set up the device with the survey in Kiosk mode and the feedback collection would automatically restart for new respondents.

Once you have assigned agents to the survey, your field agents would be able to take the responses for the survey using the Survey2Connect Field Force application. Your field agent account can be created from the Account Management by admin. To create a new agent, click here and follow the steps to create a new agent.

Once your agent has logged into their Survey2Connect account, they would be able to see all the active surveys assigned to them.

Accessing active surveys

Your agents can easily access the surveys assigned to them by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Click on Active Survey to bring up the surveys live for the agent.

The bar with the dates showcases the number of responses collected by the particular agent over the time period. Similar to the data trend table, this would show the responses collected.


Taking a response for the survey

Your agents, once they have opened the survey list page, can see all the available surveys. In order to collect feedback from respondents, they need to click on the Take First Response button and the survey would open on the device. In the survey list, you can also see if the survey is offline mode enabled or online mode enabled.

The offline survey would not require an active internet connection for taking the survey.

Submit Response For A Survey

Once the agent takes a response on the device, the response automatically gets saved on the device. The agent can manually submit the responses collected by clicking on Submit button either on the home page or Survey Details page.


Sharing Survey

Agents can now share surveys with other people using the share button accessed by the menu button on the left side of the screen. This share option allows you to share the survey with other respondents using either a mobile number or third-party applications available on the device.

Other than sharing, your agents can also call any number mentioned in the custom variable. Depending upon the type of your survey, you can mention the coordinator’s name in the Custom field. Any number in the customer variable field has the option to be called. They would be shown with a calling icon and agents can touch it to make a call to the mentioned number


Chaning Password 

Your agents can change their account password by clicking on the menu button on the left side of the screen and clicking on the edit button right next to the name. This would take the agent to the change password page and he/she can enter the new password.

Logging Out of Your Account

Your agent can log out of their account by going to the menu on the left side. When they are logging out, the application asks them about the data they have collected and if they would like to save the response before they log out.

Click Yes on the Logout confirmation page and you will be redirected to another popup that asks for further confirmation. The available options would be:

Submit response & Logout: This option when selected would save all the collected responses to the database and then log out the user

Delete response & Logout: This option when selected would delete all the unsaved responses and log out the user

Keep responses & Logout: This option would save the responses in the device memory without saving them in the database and then proceed to log out the user.

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