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Matrix questions allow you to collect responses across multiple parameters compiled in a single question. However, it can be a bit tricky to understand in the source file. Matrix questions and other multiple row questions usually have multiple variables across rows and columns and this article will help you understand how you can decipher it in the source file.

Matrix/Rating Scale

For an example of the Matrix Rating scale question, we can see that a user is asked to rate for 4 parameters across a rating scale.

All 4 individual rating scales are separated into 4 individual variables. The rating scale for product variety is Variable 1 whereas the rest 3 rating scales follow as individual variables.

Matrix Dropdown

This is an example of the Matrix Dropdown question type. This is how it would appear to respondents in a survey. Now we will see how it would appear in the source.

As we can see, for an individual item Shirt, the user is asked to select one option across 3 parameters — Fitting, Price, and Fabric Quality. The is followed for the other 3 items. Similarly in the Source, we can see that variables are created by the combination of items and parameters. As visible, the first three variables in the source are Fitting for the 4 individual products followed by Price for all individual products, and finally Fabric Quality for individual products.

Matrix Textbox

This is an example of a Matrix Textbox question that would appear to respondents taking the survey. We will now see how it would appear in the Source.

In the source file, we can see a similar combination of rows and columns for each individual variable. We can see there are a total of two variables each for Pricing, Variety, Easy to buy, and Time Taken. The two variable for each kind is based on the two parameters we have entered — Store Visit and Online Shopping.

Multi NPS

This is how a multi-NPS question appears to your respondents while taking a survey. We will now see how these two NPS scales would be reflected in the source.

Since we had two NPS in the answer set, the two individual scales are listed separately as two individual variables.

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