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When you add answer choices to any question, it is assigned a code. These values can be used to perform a function on the data on the basis of value. Using recode, you can change the mathematical number to each answer choice.

For all your questions in the survey, your variables are categorized into two sets — Options Set and Open-Ended. Options Set denote the questions where users were required to select one option whereas Open-Ended shows you the question where users were asked to type a textual answer. Recode only works with Options Set.

Example of Code Use

Let’s say you have created a multiple-choice question, “Select the product you have purchased from us” with option choices — Jeans, Shirts, Winterwear, and T-shirts in the order. Each of the options would be assigned a mathematical value starting from 1 to 4 in the respective order. Now you want to perform a function of sum in the widget which would calculate the sum of all the respondents who have selected Jeans. In such a case, these codes are used to perform such functions. These values can be used to execute mathematical functions on these answer choices based on the numerical value assigned to each choice.


On the source page, you have the option to change the value of each choice of any variable. This would be reflected throughout the survey. You can change it as per your need by following the process below:

  • On the source page, select the Variable for which you need to recode the values
  • Click on the Settings button next to the variable

  • Click on Recode
  • Select the Survey in case you have more than one surveys in the source
  • Enter the new codes for the Fields and click on Save

Give Preference to additional text over recoded values: This option at the top of the recode box allows you to give priority to the additional text over recoded values. If you enable this option, the recode value would not be the priority if the option has additional text in it.

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