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Till now, we’ve covered how to set up your dashboard data, learned to design our dashboards for the people who use them, and dove deep into widget-building. In this article, we’ll cover some more ways you can customize your dashboards. A lot of the features we’ll discuss in this lesson are optional or subjective. However, these are popular features that many CX programs use, and that may benefit you, too.

In terms of customization, users have the option to customize the theme of the dashboard to meet their design requirements and brand colors. Users can also change the language of the dashboard. Users can also drag and drop widgets to change the placing. However, these settings would only be available if you have enabled the edit mode from the top of the screen. Click on the Edit Mode button to enable the settings.

Changing Theme of the dashboard

The theme option available in the dashboard lets you change the themes from the existing presets available or users can design their own theme by customizing. If you wish to learn more about creating a new theme, click here.

Click on the Theme button in the edit mode to view the available theme options. Select the preset themes or create new ones. You can edit the themes by clicking on the Edit button. To read more about editing a theme, click here.


Changing Language of the Dashboard

The languages option in the Dashboard allows you to add multiple languages to your dashboard. Survey2Connect offers you a chance to translate and upload the file, translating the dashboard to the selected language. Click here to read more about language and customizing your dashboard with multiple languages.

Editing the layout of the Dashboard

This feature in the dashboard allows you to pick and drop widgets to rearrange. Click on the Edit layout button and select the device for which you wish to edit the layout of the dashboard. Once you have selected the device, then the drag and drop option would be available to you. Once you have finalized the layout, click on the Save button to save the changes.

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