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The Matrix Dropdown question type is used when you want respondents to evaluate several items using the same set of measurements by choosing from a preset drop-down list of answer choices. This question type helps you evaluate numerous products/services against their several features/aspects. 

Example of Matrix Dropdown Question

Let’s say you want your respondents to select one answer choices from the list of dropdowns about different aspects of your numerous products and services. You can create a matrix where different rows would be about different products or services and each column would represent one aspect. You can create a universal dropdown option choices for each column. For example, “Please select the option which represents your opinion about our products”. You can mention products and aspects you want to enquire about.

The steps to adding a Matrix Dropdown question is as follows:


  1. Go to the page you want to add the question to and click on the + button to add the question

  1. Select Matrix Dropdown on the left side of the screen under the New Question tab

  1. Type the question on the top left side of the screen

  1. Type the answer choices. For adding a drop-down list to answer choices, hover to the answer choice in the Columns section and click on the Edit button 

  1. Click on the Add Dropdown choices to add the list of drop-down options

  1.  Manage the question setting and insert piping if needed
  2. Click on the Save button or Save & Create New if you want to add one more Matrix Drop Down question


Note: You can add media files to the question and answer choices.


Note: Availability of this question type depends on your subscription plan. Please check your plan before adding the question type in the survey.

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