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The actions section allows you to manage the changes you can make with an individual survey response. You can delete the response, edit the survey response, view it, and download it. 


Deleting a response

You can delete an individual survey response by clicking on the delete button under the actions tab. The steps to deleting a response are as follows:

Deleting an individual response from the Actions tab in the Individual Response tab

  • Click on the delete button under Actions
  • Click on Yes, Delete it! to delete the response


Edit a response

You can edit the survey response of an individual. You can change the answers by retaking the survey. The responses you submit would now be the updated survey response. The steps to changing the survey responses are as follows:

You can edit an individual response from the actions tab in the Individual Response section

  • Click on the Edit button under the Actions
  • Fill the survey response as per your need
  • Press Save in the end


Details of a response

With this option, you can view the individual response in detail. Details section allows you to analyze the responses of each question for a single response. You can download the response with specific download settings. Click here to read more about the Details of a response. 

Details section under the action tab lets you view every details of the respondents

Download a response

You can download an individual response by clicking on the download button under the Actions tab. This helps you download your response in an excel file that can be viewed in offline mode.

Download under the actions tab lets you download the individual response with all the details

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