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Survey dropout is the percentage of the people who have not responded to a question due to certain reasons such as complexity of the question, technical glitches, lack of interest and many more. The analysis of such dropout rates is called Dropout analysis.

Dropouts help us identify the point in the survey that is leading to respondents dropping out

The drop out analysis is useful in certain decisions like which type of question to use, restricting the length of the survey, sending timely reminders, deciding the flow of the survey and much more. It helps you in designing a more efficient survey in future. 


In the Dropouts section, you get the complete analysis of the survey dropouts.

You will get the question list on which the respondent has not responded and the required analysis along with the question such as frequency of the question dropped and the percentage of respondents who have dropped.


Dropout Analysis By Question

This section helps you analyze the dropout rate for each question. This section tells you about the questions that saw the dropout from respondents. It also tells you about the percentage of drop out respondents and what percentage did the dropouts from a particular question contribute to the overall dropout rate. 


Count: This tells you about the number of respondents that dropped out on the particular question. 


Base %: This tells you about the percentage drop out of the particular question in comparison to overall dropout. 


Cumulative %: This gives the total percentage of the respondents who have dropped out until the particular question


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