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You can create contact groups from the contacts page. You would need details of the people you want to add to the group. There are two ways to create a group — you can either upload an excel file or manually enter the information. 


Follow these steps to create a new group:

1. Go to the Contacts page 

2. Select the library in which you want to save the contact information

3. Click on +Create New Group

4. Enter the name of the Group

You can create contacts group and add contacts to it either manually or in bulk

5. You can choose between the two options. If you select to add a CSV file, download the template from the page, edit it and upload the CSV File. If you wish to enter the details manually, click on Add Manually. 

6. For entering data manually, enter the details. You have Email, Mobile, First Name, Last Name and Unique ID as preset fields. You can add more fields by clicking on the + sign. If you want to remove a field, click on sign. 

While you create a contact group, you can manually add contact of individuals in it

7. Once entered all the details, click on Save


Note: At least one field out of Email, Mobile or External Unique ID is mandatory to fill

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