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Admin or Settings option can be accessed from the home screen of your survey account. Click on the Settings button to access this page. Admin Overview gives you a glimpse into the features and options available under the Admin section. This section lets you control the account access alongside allowing you to assign roles, create new users and agent profiles. You can control the roles and responsibilities of all the users from the Admin section. The admin overview consists of 

The Admin/Settings page is divided into two segment


In this, you get all the access to the admin portal that helps you add users, assign roles, manage groups and agents.

Users: Users section helps you manage the users under a particular account. Users are created to add people to your team. You can create a user and assign it a role, which decides the level of access a user would have. You can create a new user or delete existing users. You can also assign them roles. Click here to read more about users. 

Admin section gives you the option to manage users in your account

Roles: Roles determine the responsibility and level of access for each user. Roles act as permission for users. For example, if a user is assigned the role of Dashboard User, he/she would be permitted to only view the Dashboard. This section is used to manage Roles defined within the team. Apart from predefined roles, you can add or delete Roles and you can see the count of users under particular roles. Click here to read more about roles. 

Roles option lets you control the roles that can be assigned to the users

Groups: You can create groups and club members in it to assign tickets and tasks in the future. For example, if you have a three-member team working on one aspect and there is a ticket generated. Rather than having to manually assign it to three people, you can create a group and assign the ticket to the group. This option lets you manage the groups you have created. You can use the groups to assign tickets or watchers for the tickets. Click here to read more about Groups. 

Agent: Agents are used for conducting survey interviews with customers in offline mode using Field Force App. This section lets you manage agents for your account. You can add and delete agents from here. Click here to read more about Agent. 

Agents in the admin section are one of the most important features

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