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You can analyze survey results anytime during the response collection process by simply accessing the Analyse Result section. Here you can analyze the survey results of each individual response or club them together to get a data trend. You can further tabulate them, apply rules, export them, make charts, use filters and download the results into excel or SPSS form. 


Viewing Survey Responses 

Once you have started collecting responses to the survey via Survey Collector, you can view the results in the analysis part. This section allows you to manually analyze individual responses, at the same time you can also check the data trends, indicating if your customers are happy with you or not. You can check the responses to each question and each answer choice. 

Analyse Survey results and responses for each question

Using rules to manage and analyze data

In the Analyse Results section, you can use rules and combination methods to get an answer to your more complex data needs. You can use methods like cross-tabulation, derived variables to check one set of data in comparison to another. Other available options are to use filters to manage and crop out a set of data as per your requirement. You can also check the data of dropouts to further improve your future surveys. 

Analyse Survey Results and sort data as per your need

Exporting data

While you can customize and manage the survey responses, you can also export the data in your preferred format. You can download it and share it with others. Read more about exports here

Export Survey Data from the Analysis page

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