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The contacts overview page gives you a glimpse into the Contacts section of your account. In the contacts section, you can save all your customer data which includes name, mobile, email and other additional data that can later be used to personalize the conversations with the customers.



This section allows you to see your library folders. You can assign your contact groups to any folder in the libraries. Select the library you want to save the contact groups in. You can also create sub-folders in the library from this page. 

Contacts overview page allows you to save and edit your contacts and groups

  1. Click on the Add button on the right side of the library
  2. Enter the name for the folder



This section shows you all the groups you have created in your account. You can view, edit, delete and create groups. These groups will help you in reaching out to your customers. You can save all their details and use the details to correspond with them. You can also create a group of your team members and assign them to watch and manage tickets. 

Groups are parts of contacts


The directory allows you to see all the contacts in the listed manner. You can see individual contacts with their information field listed. You can also take action from this page, allowing you to view, edit or delete the contact. 

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