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Survey2Connect is Launching A New Ticket Interface

The new ticket interface allows you to have more control over your ticket trackingSurvey2Connect is launching a new intuitive ticket interface to keep track of all the tickets generated. An Upgrade from the existing system, the new ticketing interface would provide you with more control over the tickets generated. With the new interface, you get easy to perceive visuals, like the ones you get with our Dashboard feature. Now you can access every ticket generated in a separate window, ensuring a smooth and efficient ticket tracking process. Check out the new features in the new ticketing interface. 


Dedicated Ticketing Portal

Replacing a single page view, the new ticketing interface offers a dashboard like experience for your ticketing interface. While the earlier portal allowed you to view all the tickets in a listed manner, now you can view all your tickets sorted in their respected category based on the status of the ticket. 

New ticket system is being launched by Survey2Connect to make your ticket tracking process easySingle Ticket Page View

With the latest update, you now have the ability to view the ticket on the single page with all the details of the tickets mentioned. 

The new ticket system allows you to view a ticket in a dedicated single pageNew and Refined Overview  Page

While the earlier ticketing interface allowed you to view your tickets on the overview page, the new interactive Overview page offers you more information. The Overview page is divided into three section

  • Ticket Overview: This section would show all the tickets generated.
  • Agents Performance: This section gives a comprehensive list of all the agents and the tickets generated in reference to the agent’s account. 
  • Survey Performance: This section shows all the tickets generated for every survey in a listed manner.
Overview page in the new ticketing system allows you dashboard like visualsAssign Unassigned Ticket

Now you have the option to view all the unassigned ticket in a separate tab. View the unassigned tickets and assign them to the respective teams. 

Unassigned tickets get their own tab in the new ticket systemAdd Custom Status

With the new ticketing interface, you can create your own custom ticket status. By default, you are offered three statuses — open, closed, in progress. The new status would also create a new tab in the Tickets tab on the left side of the screen. This would bring in more clarity while tracking the status of the ticket in the new ticket system.

Custom status allows you to create more tracking milestonesCustomize Ticket Fields

Users can now customize up to three fields that would be shown alongside each ticket. The feature is available in the settings option. You can pick from — rating, contact, ticket rule and last action. With the new ticket display feature, you can also see the owner of the ticket in the same tab. 

Add custom fields in the new module and decide what you see with the ticket detailsImproved Resolution Time Tracking

With the new and advance ticketing system, you can track the average resolution time of the team and your personal performance. 

You can now track the average resolution time for your team


Comments Functionality With Tickets

Now ticket owners can leave comments for the team to view on the ticket itself. With a dedicated single ticket view, you have the option to leave a comment in the History & Comments. Through this, you can also track the history of the tickets and actions taken for the same. 

Now add comments while resolving tickets with the new ticket system

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