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Survey2Connect is GDPR Compliant

To adhere to local norms of data privacy and protection in European Union, Survey2Connect has now become GDPR compliantBy now we are sure you have heard of GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation as more and more companies are announcing their compliance with the policy. GDPR is a European Union policy aimed at strengthening data privacy and protection in the European Union and European Economic Area. Every business operating in the EU is mandated to comply with the new data protection policy.


What is GDPR?

European Union had passed General Data Protection Regulation back in 2018, which dealt with the new EU laws for Data Protection and privacy. It also deals with the transfer from EU to non-EU zones. The main goal of the GDPR was to allow individuals to have more freedom about their data and regulate and standardize the Data laws in the region.


How Does GDPR affect businesses?

There has been a lot of debate about how GDPR will affect the businesses in the region. With GDPR compliance being mandatory for the businesses dealing with the region, it is critical for businesses to know how it affects them and the measures that they need to take to ensure they comply with the policy. GDPR data protection can be broadly defined by two parameters:

  • Consent: With the new policy, consent is paramount for businesses collecting data of their customers. With the new policies, companies are expected to be explicit with their data sharing policies and they need to seek permission prior to collecting any customer data.
  • Scrapping of data: The old laws didn’t cover scrapping of old data which meant that companies were storing customer data long after they had mutually ended the relationship. With GDPR, customers shave power of their data and they can ask the company to delete their data at any point.


Survey2Connect’s GDPR Compliant

To be compliant with local data protection laws, Survey2Connect is now GDPR compliant and we have taken measures to ensure that your data is safe, protected, and completely under your control.

  • To ensure that our privacy policy is updated to match the standards of GDPR, we have updated our privacy policy that you can read here. We have also updated our Cookie policy about which you will be notified when you visit our website.
  • To ensure that every customer of Survey2Connect is aware of our new policy, we have enabled a system that mandates obtaining consent from the client. Without it, we do not let customers login onto the platform
  • We scrap inactive data after a regular interval of time. To be compliant, we would not be responsible for your data after 1 year of it being inactive. We will be sending our customers/ex-customers regular reminders before the one-year expiry period.
  • To ensure that your data is safe and secure all the time, we store all sensitive data in an encrypted form such as passwords. This allows your sensitive data to stay private.

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