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Survey2Connect and BusinessWay Partner To Provide Seamless Customer Experience

Survey2Connect announces partnership with BusinessWay to provide seamless Customer Experience platform in Riyadh.Survey2Connect, which is a best in the class research platform has joined hands with BusinessWay Co. Saudi Arabia, a customer-centric consulting firm based in Riyadh, to provide a platform for customer experience solutions and market research in the region. With this tie-up, businesses in the region would be able to able to track and manage the feedback across the various touchpoint using the exhaustive survey bank offered by Survey2Connect.


Speaking about Survey2Connect and BusinessWay’s partnership, Yash Sultania, CEO of Survey2Connect said “Joint venture between Survey2Connect and BusinessWay is going to benefit the business all across the region who are actively looking for a platform to improve their customer experience”.


BusinessWay Co. Saudi Arabia is a customer-centric consulting firm that is specialized in servicing customer experience, based in the capital of the Kingdom, Riyadh. BusinessWay Co. works with organizations to help them meet and exceed their customers’ expectations by impressing customers and inspiring employees’ and eventually driving business growth.

A key provider and consulting firm, BusinessWay Co. has been preferred by industry leaders from brands all over the KSA region, by partnering with Survey2Connect would open the portal of customer experience management for their clients as well as other brands in the region.


Celebrating the partnership, Mr. Waleed Al Hamdan the CEO of BusinessWay Co. believes that Survey2Connect will help organizations to understand customers’ behavior, and provide great insight into how to improve customer experiences and processes. With Survey2Connect, you can listen, analyze, and act on this intelligence so that you can respond more effectively to evolving customer, business, and market demands.




About Survey2Connect

A best-in-the-class research platform, Survey2Connect offers a single research platform that provides brands and its members with insights that lead to smart and informed decisions. Providing tools to improve the experience of every stakeholder involved, Survey2Connect through its Customer Experience Management and Market Research platform has helped global leaders reimagine and redesign their customer experience.

Survey2Connect offers a wide range of products including CX, Market Research, Employee Experience to Brand Experience. A stop destination for all your research requirements, Survey2Connect offers expertise in all forms of Survey Creation and the tools help organizations capture feedback across all the touchpoints, understand the feedback in real-time, and deliver actionable insights.

Founded in 2017, Survey2Connect has delivered value to more than 30 enterprises across the globe. Learn more at



About BusinessWay

We built BusinessWay Co. delivery model that focuses on the Return on Investment (ROI). At BusinessWay Co., we are delighted to be the first and only Saudi Customer Experience Consulting Firm with certified and experienced CXPA consultants.

Our strategic partnerships and diversified team of consultants help us offer the benefits of international delivery models that promote and robust financial stability. Thus, enabling our clients to make informed decisions based on actual information and analytics.

We provide our clients with value-added services tailored by customized solutions focused on each client’s needs, objectives, and aspirations. Learn more at

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