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E-commerce is not just about selling products. It is a process of attracting and retaining loyal customers by offering them personalized and engaging experiences.

Ecommerce Customer Experience

Every Experience Matters. Turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Customer experience plays a major role in the eCommerce industry. The way a customer interacts with the brand and its products is critical to the overall success of an eCommerce business. With the rapid growth in E-Com, CX is more important than ever. (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) allows eCommerce companies to understand their customers, capture feedback, and act in accordance with the needs of their customers.

Capture Customer Experience Throughout the Customer Journey

customer journey

Build the best-in-class customer experience with (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) using a journey-based experience management approach. Right from the first store visit to the final sale, build a long-term successful ecommerce experience plan.

Capture Omnichannel Customer Feedback using Branded, Personalized Surveys (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) provides you with the ability to create branded and personalized DIY surveys and gain useful customer feedback.

  • Create multilingual surveys, thereby providing e-commerce companies with an opportunity to tap into marketplaces that expand beyond domestic borders.  
  • Exhaustive question types to choose from such as NPS, single choice, multi-choice, etc.  
  • Collect feedback using multiple channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, social media, etc.  
  • Capture feedback throughout the customer journey.
Omnichannel Feedback

Omnichannel Feedback Collection

Use’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) omnichannel collection suite to collect customer feedback across all the channels. Get a consistent feedback collection suite across all the channels and reach out to your customers on the channels they prefer to use.

  • Integrate’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) customer experience solutions into your eCommerce store. 
  • Capture customer feedback at checkouts, add to carts, and other important touchpoints. 
  • Get a detailed insight into what’s working and what’s not working for your store 
  • Collect feedback using channels like in-app API, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

Generate Real-time Insights

  • Analyze the data collected in real-time to find the gaps in your customer experience. 
  • Choose from a vast variety of widgets and charts. 
  • Export reports, raw data into PPT, excel, SPSS format. 
  • Understand the customer mindset with regards to eCommerce shopping through text and sentimental analytics.'s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Customer Experience
Solutions for ECommerce Industry

Our customer experience tool provides you with end-to-end CX solutions. We allow you to build the best-in-class customer experience for your eCommerce store.

Understanding Purchase Behavior

Analyze your customer’s purchasing behavior to better understand what products your customers are buying and why.

  • Gain insights into the search terms your customers are using when searching for products in your store. 
  • Predict future trends 
  • Understand your customer’s way of thinking and how it affects their buying decisions. 
  • Target tailor-made ads and product suggestions to your customers.
Understanding Purchase Behavior
NPS/CSAT Surveys

NPS/CSAT Surveys

Learn more about your customers with a complete NPS, CSAT reporting suite.

  • Discover insights and improve customer experience like never before 
  • Get a deep insight into the voice of your customer

Such surveys are perfectly suited for ecommerce stores as they give a deep insight into the voice of the customer.

Advanced Analysis (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) provides eCommerce companies with the feature of advanced analysis to further help you in managing your overall experience. 

  • Create real-time reports 
  • Understand the gaps and provide immediate responses 
  • Pinpoint areas where immediate attention is required

Analyze the customer experience for your store by creating real-time reports that allow you to understand gaps and provide immediate responses.

Advanced Analysis

Why Choose (Formerly known as Survey2Connect)

Build the best-in-class customer experience using (Formerly known as Survey2Connect)

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
Localized Data Centers
Localized Data Centers
Real-Time Insights
Real-time insights
Multilingual Surveys
Multilingual Surveys
Data Security
Text Sentiment Analytics
Text Sentiment Analytics

The world’s best brands turn To (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) for CX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer experience ecommerce, also known as Ecommerce customer experience, refers to the interactions and experiences that customers have while engaging in online shopping or transactions with an Ecommerce business. It encompasses all aspects of the customer journey, including browsing the website, product selection, payment processing, delivery, and after-sales support. 

A positive Ecommerce customer experience involves providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers, from the moment they land on the website to the point of sale and beyond. This can include features such as easy navigation, clear product information, a user-friendly checkout process, prompt delivery, and excellent customer service. 

Creating a positive customer experience in ecommerce can help businesses build customer loyalty, increase customer retention rates, and ultimately drive revenue growth. In contrast, a poor Ecommerce customer experience can lead to customer frustration, negative reviews, and lost sales. Therefore, businesses must prioritize optimizing their customer experience ecommerce to remain competitive in the online marketplace.

For businesses engaged in Ecommerce, providing a positive customer experience is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, a seamless and enjoyable Ecommerce customer experience can encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases, ultimately driving revenue growth. Secondly, optimizing the customer experience in ecommerce can help reduce cart abandonment rates, leading to more completed transactions. Thirdly, in today’s digital age, businesses that prioritize customer experience management in ecommerce can stay competitive by meeting customer expectations for online shopping. 

Moreover, a positive Ecommerce customer experience can help improve brand reputation, as satisfied customers are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend the business to others. By contrast, a poor customer experience in ecommerce can lead to lost sales, negative reviews, and decreased customer loyalty. Therefore, businesses must prioritize Ecommerce customer experience to ensure that they meet customer expectations, build loyalty, and remain competitive in the online marketplace. (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) is a customer experience management platform that specializes in improving the Ecommerce customer experience. By leveraging its various capabilities, businesses can optimize the customer experience, improve customer satisfaction rates, and ultimately drive sales growth and build customer loyalty. 

One of the primary benefits of (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) is its ability to collect feedback from customers at every stage of the Ecommerce customer journey. This feedback can be used to identify areas for improvement and optimize the customer experience, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) also provides real-time insights into customer feedback, allowing businesses to respond quickly to customer needs and concerns. 

Furthermore, (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) enables businesses to personalize the Ecommerce customer experience by tailoring product recommendations and marketing messages based on individual customer preferences and behavior. It also automates workflows for customer feedback management, making it easier for businesses to analyze customer feedback and take action on areas for improvement.  

Overall, (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) is an essential tool for businesses looking to improve their Ecommerce customer experience, build customer loyalty, and drive sales growth.

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Test your brand’s perception and predict brand performance by capturing real customer insights. Build brand experiences that are delightful and can lead to loyal customer relationships.

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Access globally distributed customer segments to generate realistic market insights. Gather customer inputs from diverse channels on an integrated platform to devise analytics based actions.