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Collaborate with (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) to manage all your research needs and achieve integrated insights to build great experiences.

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Research Studies That Can Easily Be Performed On (Formerly known as Survey2Connect)

End to end Digital Research of product, technology, customers, competition, and marketplace to make data-driven decision for your business

Need Understanding

Understand better about your TG through criteria like priorities, requirements, common interests, etc

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare products, services, and practices with a competitor and find out where you stand

Ad/Promotion Testing

Make sure your advertisement resonates with your TG, leading to better conversion rates and brand image

Dipstick Study

Conduct dipstick / Adhoc studies on the fly within a matter of minutes

Mystery Shopping/Audlts

Get into your customers shoes to find out your customers experience by becoming one

Customer Feedback

NPS & CAST survey are conducted to find out customer loyalty and experience with your company

Purchase Behaviour

Take your level of customer understanding beyond. Drive into the behaviours that influence purchase decisions

Product Launch Feedback

Assumptions can leave room for error, a risk you can’t afford to take. Find out does your product meets future needs

Understand Your Business Needs Through Digital Research

Understand and get into the shoes of your customer to have the best data driven action plan for your business

Building Robust Business Processes
Powered By Research’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) digital research solutions help you understand what your business needs and how to achieve it

  • Improve Customer Feedback Capture
  • Enhance Field Research with Digitized Solutions
  • Take Informed Product and Pricing Decisions

Partner with (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) for accessing a wide range of industry benchmark and completely customizable Digital Research tools and create customer experiences that boost your brand.

Survey Tool

Create Intuitive & Efficient DIY Surveys’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Survey Tools are highly intuitive and easy to use. Design custom surveys using advanced logic and exhaustive question types which are best suited to your business needs, and execute them through integrated channels for optimum data capture.

  • Automate the conversations by integrating surveys with CRM/ERP systems
  • Select from a list of exhaustive 25+ question types, and Advanced logics
  • Create Multilingual surveys to reach every demographic


Connect With Quality Respondents In Minutes’ (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) DIY platform allows you to create multilingual responsive branded surveys and share them with an audience spread across 150+ countries and 100,000,000+ registered customers. Check the responses in real-time and take decisive actions.

  • With easy budgeting, create user profile on the basis or region,
    education level, age etc
  • Get quality response from our 4500+ global panels
  • Use’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) proprietary fraud detection service to get
    authentic results


Turn Insights Into Action Faster

Use’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Dashboard to get real-time results and analysis. Monitor the data, identify individual trends and perform data sanitization with easy to use Dashboard features.

  • Create Crosstabs to understand correlations between different variables
  • Drill down into individual response to gather insights
  • Export Data to SPSS, MS Excel, PowerPoint or .csv files

Field Management

Conduct Interview in
Offline and Online

With’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Field Force App, conduct interviews in both offline and online mode. Field Force application is available on all versions of Android and iOS devices

  • Track the agent’s progress and location, send them various
    surveys and set limit to number of responses
  • Allow the agent to capture partial response and let them
    continue with their responses on later stage
  • Set a virtual perimeter of a geographic area, restrict your
    agents to collect responses outside the parameter

Digitize Your Entire Research Effort For Superior Results

With’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Digital Research tools, you never have to struggle with research design, execution, and analysis again.

End-to-end Research Process Facilitation

Accelerate your research process with’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) advanced digital research solutions. With ready-made survey templates, on-demand surveys, dashboard management actionable insights, you can truly enhance your research output.

Digital Data Capture and Management

Transform the way you gather market information and develop business intelligence.’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) digital research tools integrate with your existing data management infrastructure and seamlessly digitize all research data.

Automated Analysis and Reporting

Bank upon the most advanced analytics tools offered by (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) to generate actionable insights from your research. Empower your employees with dynamic reporting and predictive models to assist decision making.

Explore's (Formerly known as Survey2Connect)
Product Portfolio

Customer Experience

Engineer memorable customer experiences with a deep understanding of what delights your customers, and turn your brand’s detractors into promoters.

Brand Experience

Test your brand’s perception and predict brand performance by capturing real customer insights. Build brand experiences that are delightful and can lead to loyal customer relationships.

Employee Experience

Tap into the employee pulse of your organization with’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) employee experience management solutions. Capture 360 degree feedback and enhance employee engagement organically.


Access globally distributed customer segments to generate realistic market insights. Gather customer inputs from diverse channels on an integrated platform to devise analytics based actions.

The World’s Best Brands Turn To's (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) For DR

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What is a Digital Survey Research solution?

A digital survey research software is a tool that is designed with the purpose of sending and analyzing research surveys online. Cloud-based survey technology has transformed the survey industry due to the ability to collect data and analyze it on such a large scale using automated processes.
A survey research software allows for collecting the required data and analyzing that data to get real-time insights.
Digital Survey Research Software can be used for understanding consumer behavior, purchase behavior, competitive benchmarking, ad testing, etc.’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) research software allows companies to conduct digital research through the means of online surveys. Our survey research solution allows you access to the right kind of audience for your research. You can send out your research surveys to a large number of people at once and get useful insights by gathering the data and using it to make informed decisions about the research.

Need for Digital Survey Research Software

Research plays a really important role in any field. Research is essential for finding the answers to things that are unknown.

A digital survey research software allows you to understand the needs of your business and how you can achieve them. A survey research software provides you with the best data-driven action plan for your business. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential for businesses to have a proper research strategy for reasons such as collecting feedback for product launch or testing an ad for promotion.

One of the biggest advantages of using research software is the ability to conduct a research study at such a large scale with just a few clicks.
Digital Research allows for automated analysis and reporting, end-to-end research process facilitation and has many such benefits over traditional research methods.’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) digital survey research software allows you to create highly intuitive and easy-to-use surveys. You can design custom surveys using advanced logic and comprehensive question types best suited for your business needs.
Our digital survey research platform allows you to automate conversations by integrating surveys with CRM, get access to 25+ comprehensive question types.

How Does (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Help (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) provides you with a comprehensive research tool that allows you to conduct digital research for a large audience.

Or digital research software is developed with the aim of easing up the entire process of digital research for you. It’s DIY software that allows you to create custom designable surveys according to your brand requirements. You can conduct digital research to a large group of audience at a single point in time.

The ‘Audience’ feature in our digital survey research platform provides you with access to about 100,000,000+ registered customers spread across 150 countries. This feature provides you with an appropriate set of audiences to conduct your survey research according to your research requirements and target set of audiences.

Our tool helps you in getting real-time insights and converting those insights into actions. We aim to simplify the most sophisticated things for you. Using our software, you can identify individual trends and perform data sanitization, choose from multiple graph types and share reports online and even export the data to SPSS, PPT, MS Excel, or .csv files.